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Theresa Goddard

Theresa Goddard — Past Conference Chair and Assistant of the Order of the Amaranth

I have had the privilege of working with Brenda Glass for several years as a conference chair and assistant of numerous conferences and functions with the Judicial Assistants and the Order of the Amaranth. She is always professional and goes above and beyond her duties to ensure we are happy with the choices we are given. She works diligently for both of my organizations. I have referred her to other Individuals as she is such a detailed and knowledgeable person and gives us such great ideas. We always get the best deal when working with her and she goes above and beyond in ensuring that all of our needs are met. If we encounter any problems with a hotel, she is right there to take care of it. I would highly commend and recommend her to anyone that needs assistance in hotel and/or banquet facilities. She is a rare gem that is extremely knowledge and I am working with her on a continuing basis.